Windows XP Pro SP3 Gold Cobra Edition

Windows XP Pro SP3 Gold Cobra Edition (ENG/2011/Activated) 660 MB

Before continuing with the article would respond to this question, and from my point of view is a resounding YES. In fact, from Microsoft’s own description given for this Service Pack is a package of all updates released to date with a small set of new features that do not change the user experience . That is, we are faced with a much more limited than Service Pack SP1 and above all SP3 and  SP2. Maybe that’s why these improvements is hard to find because they are very few.

Windows XP Pro SP3 Gold Cobra Edition / Windows xp pro sp3 corporate edition base on theme of windows blind 6:

  • Windows Blind 6,
  • Icon Packager,
  • WinRAR 3.71,
  • VistaRTMFonts v1.1,
  • CCleaner,
  • Burn CD CC,
  • 7-Zip & K-Lite Codex,
  • Macromedia Flash Player,
  • IZArc and more..

View the presentation, here we go with the list, and an explanation of what each thing is we:

  • Network Access Protection (NAP): , is one of the security enhancements introduced in Vista that were not available in XP, and yes this is included in SP3. What’s this? Honestly, it’s something that now is useless, since to exploit this feature you need a network with Windows Server 2008 and … mmm, this is not out yet. Basically, if we have a network run by WS2008, this system will connect to the network only those computers that are up to date on updates and the outdated equipment vulnerable and therefore may not be harmful to other computers on the network.
  • Detection Routers “Black Hole” , which was already implemented but not enabled by default, and now it is. It tries to detect if a router is ignoring packets that we send, little more.

Windows XP Pro SP3 Gold Cobra Edition

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  • CredSSP , a new system of integrated SSPI credentials, the Windows authentication system (such rapid and wide). Even if managers want to use it will have to activate it, since it is disabled by default.
  • Security options explained widely: As we can see in the screenshot, Microsoft has added detailed explanations to the security settings, so there are no misunderstandings.
  • Improved security policies: Now administrators and services will be present by default in any new instance of policy.
  • Kernel Mode Cryptographic Module, KMCM: Windows cryptographic module includes many improvements, partly to meet the needs of NAP. Among other things, support and implementation highlights family SHA2 encryption algorithms.
  • Activation of Windows has been removed from the installation of the system, so we can install on machines without specifying the key. Later, when everything is installed, will be required by the system. I drop my head in shame to include it as an improvement, but seriously, it is an official improving SP3.
  • Windows Imaging Component is a component already present in Vista and having the necessary libraries to process images and their metadata. The official release note does not include it, but I see on Wikipedia that yes, along with an explanation quite large.

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The remaining features are introduced and released updates, such as support for WPA2 wifi networks, and thus do not count as new, and you can have this without installing SP3. As we see, all these developments are more aimed at enterprise customers domestic and the assembly is pretty poor.

Safety data in SP3:

Windows XP Pro SP3 Gold Cobra Edition

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